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Congratulations to all Georgia FSC Competitors at South Atlantic Regionals.

September 28-October 6, 2001 in Aston, Pennsylvania

Non-Qualifying and Qualifying Results:
Laura Sims  Preliminary Freeskate Group B 1 st
Brad Martin  No Test Boys Required Elements  1 st 
Naomi Nishio Pre-Preliminary Required Elements Group E 2 nd 
Andrea Ivan  Preliminary Freeskate Group H 3 rd 
Abigail Morgan  Pre-Preliminary Required Elements Group B  3 rd 
Tiffany Pettit  Pre-Preliminary Required Elements Group D 3 rd 
Tiffany Pettit Pre-Preliminary Freeskate Group I  3 rd
Chelsea Bushue Preliminary Freeskate Group C  4 th 
Brad Martin No Test Boys Freeskate 4 th 
Naomi Nishio Pre-Preliminary Freeskate Group L  5th 
Andrea Ivan  Pre-Juvenile Required Elements Group E  6 th 
Laura Sims  Pre-Juvenile Required Elements Group B  6 th 
Laura Sims Preliminary Girls Freeskate Championships 7 th
Shae McCurley  Juvenile Girls Qualifying Group C 9 th 
Abigail Morgan Pre-Preliminary Freeskate Group D 9 th 
Johnathon Frye Pre-Preliminary Boys Freeskate Group B  10 th 
Alexander Aiken Juvenile Boys Freeskate 12 th 
Holly Taylor Novice Ladies Qualifying Group C 13th 
Laura Sims  Pre-Bronze Solo Dance  14 th