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Congratulations to all the Georgia FSC members who participated in the

2002 Peach Classic:
Georgia FSC
August 31-September 1, 2002

James Wright 2nd - Adult Pairs
Ginger Whatley 1st - Silver MIF
3rd - Bronze Ladies FS I
Wendy Thrower 1st - No Test Ladies Compulsory Moves
1st - Open Similar Pairs Interpretive
2nd - No Test Ladies Freestyle
Maryann Surratt 3rd - Bronze Ladies FS II
6th - Ladies Interpretive II
Jennifer Silas 1st - Silver Ladies FS II
2nd - Gold/Masters Ladies Spins II
8th - Gold/Masters Ladies Interpretive
Ricardo Pena 2nd - Gold/Masters Mens Spins
4th - Gold Mens Freestyle
8th - Novice MIF
Pam Paszke 3rd - Silver Ladies Freestyle II
2nd - No Test Ladies Freestyle
Dawn Paleita 1st - Open Similar Pairs Interpretive
Rene Lipscomb 6th - Masters Ladies Interpretive
Rob Lichtefeld 1st - Bronze Men FS
1st - Silver Men Spins
Ben Loggins 3rd - No Test Mens Freestyle
Gloria Lewis 1st - Ladies Interpretive III
2nd - Bronze Ladies FS III/IV
Bruce Horacek 2nd - No Test Mens Freestyle
Jean Holcomb 2nd - Adult Pairs
3rd - Ladies Interpretive III/IV
Diane Griffiths 2nd - Pre-Bronze MIF
5th - Pre-Bronze CM I/II
Lisa Graff 4th - Pre-Bronze Ladies Compulsory Moves I/II
Marci Drost 5th - Silver Ladies FS I
Amy Bryan 1st - Pre-Bronze MIF
2nd - Preliminary Solo Dance
Anthony Blevins 1st - No Test Mens Freestyle
1st - No Test Mens Compulsory Moves
Amy Bryan 1st - Pre-Bronze MIF
Kristen Bartlett 3rd - No Test Ladies Freestyle
Valerie Auber 1st - No-Test Ladies FS